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About Miriam Tetler BA,BSW,RSW

I received a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the University of Regina, SK.  I am a registered social worker with BCCSW - British Columbia College of Social Workers - and  a member in good standing with BCSW - British Columbia Social Work Association.Miriam Tetler

I am a certified practitioner in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy.  This therapy addresses trauma through the awareness of the body experience and the felt sense. 

I have over 20 years of experience as a social worker and have worked the last 16 years in Oncology counselling cancer patients and family members.  I have extensive experience in health related issues and group facilitation.  I have a Touch Therapy certification level 2.

I have many years of experience in mindful meditation practice and have been a teacher and student of  Yang Style Tai Chi for over 20 years.

How Miriam works:

As a social worker, I have helped individual, couples and families resolve a variety of concerns in the areas of chronic illness, cancer, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, family issues, abuse and trauma.  Having worked in a Cancer Centre, I have extensive experience in health related counselling including cancer care, palliative care, grief & bereavement & family systems therapy.  I offer a client centered holistic approach in therapy.

You may not realize how much a social worker can help you.  It has been shown through psychosocial research that there is high levels of client satisfaction with social work counselling in many different areas of practise.   Counselling/therapy  is proven  effective because social workers bring a unique psychosocial perspective to issues and they deal not only with the person but the social context in which people live and work.  My counselling approach takes into consideration the interdependence of the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects unique to each individual.  I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities and I work with you to identify what would work best to address your issues.

We cannot change events that happened in our past.   These experiences may be positive or negative and formed our emotional and mental attitudes.   I believe that we can change the impact of negative past experiences by learning new and more effective ways of responding to problems in the present and future so that these experiences enhance your life rather than diminish it.

I am an empathetic person with a desire to help others.  I  listen with non judgment and have an open and curious nature.   I believe in the importance of  the mind body connection and will guide you in being more mindful in your life. I believe in living in the present moment; when we live in the present  we create a more balanced and harmonious life which helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health and I will work with you to help you achieve confidence, create more choices for yourself and promote positive change.

Integral to my work is confidentiality, respect and professionalism.  I offer a space that is comfortable, safe and peaceful. This creates opportunity  for you to explore your choices, make changes where you need to, acquire a better understanding of self and to be curious about your life.  I welcome the opportunity to explore those possibilities with you.

My scope of practise is in these areas:

- Trauma - accidents/falls/medical traumas/ childhood trauma etc
-  Cancer issues - coping/fatigue/navigating medical system/maintaining hope in times of crisis
-  Sexual abuse/domestic violence
-  Stress,
-  Anxiety
-  Depression
-  Grief & loss
-  End of life issues/palliative care
-  Marital and family relationship
-  Aging & caregiver issues
-  Work related problems
-  Alcohol abuse

I work with people through:

- Individual counselling
- Couples counselling
- Family counselling

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"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them"
Maya Angelou

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